Retriever Training

I was trying to think of a different field to get the dogs into for their run this morning and remembered an open invite I’ve had to come out to Brushy Creek Retrievers for weekend training sessions. Tim Marshal is a great guy that I’ve known for a few years and seeing him work dogs for his clients is a real treat. I think Lily thought we were at a Hunt Test or Trial after I staked her and Webber out behind the truck.



Tim starts with the younger less experienced dogs running retrieves and then moves up to Senior and Master Hunters.




This yellow lag broke early, but didn’t get too far under Tim’s watchful eyes.



Tim encourages his clients to come work with the dogs on the weekend so they can learn alongside their dogs. Here is Mike working with his 8-month old black. Good looking gun dog Mike!!




Lily and Webber even got to take their turns! Lily ran out for a 60-yd bumper run and Webber retrieved this duck from about 25 yds!!




It’s all about getting dogs in the field and networking with others that do the same……oh, and having fun while doing it!


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